Sean O’Connor – Racing Manager

sean-occonnorThe joy and excitement of racing a horse is a feeling that can’t be described. It is a sense of pride and passion.

Being involved in racing all started when I was young. My father was  in radio and part of his job was working at the trots on a Friday night at Claudelands showgrounds in Hamilton. I would tag along and when we walked through the gates, it was straight to the bird cage and that was where I would stay for the entire night. Mum would ask every birthday and Xmas “What would you like?” The answer was always the same “A horse”. This love for these amazing animals has never left the blood, so when a friend of mine stood up in a bar in Wellington with the defining words of “I have a dream”, this was my opportunity to own my first horse – Silky Red Boxer – and what a horse he was.

From there it grew. I became a race day strapper travelling with horses whenever they raced. Boy, did we see the countryside. It didn’t stop there, we now have our own broodmare, that lives next to our lovely home with my wife Angela and I in Puktapu, Napier. A dream that started so young, has come true.

Being part of racing horses in syndicates is very much the best way to go. It is not just the thrills and spills of the journey, but the people you meet on the way.

I couldn’t be more excited about joining the Go Racing team and if you would like to be part of the action, please ring me for a chat.