About Go Racing

Go Racing is an Authorised Syndicator registered with New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing.

Albert Bosma and Patrick Vinaccia established Go Racing in 2003 to form successful racing syndicates and to make sure owners had a lot of fun along the way. Since that time we have won stakes races in New Zealand and internationally, sold horses to Hong Kong where they have raced successfully, and maintained a winning strike rate that has seen our client numbers grow. The biggest endorsement we have been given is from our clients who continue to re-invest with us or take shares in multiple horses.

We believe that while racing is about winning, it is also about the ride getting there and we pride ourselves on giving the best ownership experience in thoroughbred racing. Based in New Zealand, we offer shares in race horses trained in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore and work only with motivated and professional trainers that want to win.

There are three key aspects to providing you with an enjoyable ownership experience and they all revolve around the same theme – Quality. The first step starts before you have spent a cent on taking a share in one of our thoroughbreds, with the selection of the horse. The second step is communication with you as an owner and the third is decision-making when it comes to your horse’s career.

1. Selection of the horse

The most important factor in determining success on the race track is selecting the right horse as a yearling. We start our inspections months before they are due to be sold, while the horses are still on the stud farms where they were born. We then follow their progress through to the day they are sold at the annual New Zealand Bloodstock Sale at Karaka in late January and early February.

There are 1500 yearlings sold at this sale and we will inspect all of them in partnership with our trainers. The ones that make our shortlist (about 100) will be inspected up to six times and we then set what we feel is a fair price for them, before they enter the auction ring.

Every horse we purchase has a full veterinary examination, including a scope and x-rays before we offer shares in it. We also have each horse valued by two independent bloodstock agents, so you can have confidence in the horse you are buying. We then offer the shares at a fair price. We provide a disclosure statement which itemises all the costs that have gone into the share offering and our responsibilities to each other as owner (you) and manager (us).

2. Communication

One of the great enjoyments of owning a horse is the anticipation of it racing and having up to date knowledge of its potential. We pride ourselves on our communication with owners and update you weekly on the progress of your horse. If he is racing or trialling, you receive three reports in that week, so you have a clear assessment of his chances and a comprehensive analysis of his performance afterwards.

Owners are encouraged to visit their horse at the stables and be as involved as they can be in the horse. The more you are involved with him and his career, the more fun you will get out of your ownership. We also send videos and updated photos to you so you can see his progress.

3. Decision making

Good decision making will ultimately define the success you have with your ownership. Deciding which races to run in; whether to sell should an offer be made for your horse; and when to retire him are all part of being a successful owner.

Once you are a shareholder in the horse, you are kept up-to-date with decisions on where the horse is to be raced and the programming for him with specific target races.

Should an offer be made by an agent or third party to purchase the horse from the syndicate, this will be put to the owners with a recommendation on whether to accept it. Accepting the offer comes down to a majority vote by shareholding and is binding. The time to retire a horse is usually quite obvious and we have no interest in racing horses that cannot be competitive and continue to win. A recommendation is given to the syndicate and a vote is called for if required. It is the same process for campaigning him overseas. If there is a target race that is winnable and he has earned the right and prize money to travel and race in it, then we will recommend this.

Racing should be fun and you should be given every chance of success. If you would like to talk about coming on board with a Go Racing horse, give Albert or Matt a call today.