The Legend Lives On

Glen Hacche and Mary Dacombe-Bird experienced every horse owners worst nightmare when retired champion, Silky Red Boxer, experienced a displaced bowel recently.

Caught in time and with luck on his side Silky (stable name Jimmy) is recovering well, having been boxed since the operation on 11 May and is now in a small paddock and “still eating everything in sight.”

Says Mary, “I can’t help thinking what a lucky horse he is – first surviving (saved from) a broken leg (when he broke down in training) and now a displaced bowel on a day when we wouldn’t even have been here if we hadn’t scratched our horse McLaren. It would have been a very different story if we’d found him late that Saturday evening. Someone is looking after him.”

Those directly responsible for looking after him – the team at Massey University – were fantastic. Jokes Mary, “We haven’t had the bill from them yet, I keep hoping that they’ve decide not to charge because they were all so in love with him! But no doubt it will arrive in due course.”

Silky’s sphere of influence continues to widen. The first young vet who came to assess him asked if he had raced and what his racing name was. Her reaction? “OMG, is this Silky Red Boxer??!!”  Then, when Mary and Glenn collected their horse McLaren from Copper Belt Lodge the staff member who looked after him told Glenn that he used to look after Silky when Heather Weller trained him in Foxton. Finally, another vet who came to remove his staples had a helper with her – who said to Jimmy, “I used to watch you at the races – well, actually, I used to watch your owners!”

Says Silky owner and Racing Manager, Albert Bosma, “We’re so relieved Jimmy’s pulled through. He continues to be a very special horse to the original Not Enough Taro syndicate (of the red boxer shorts fame) and to Go Racing. We can’t thank Mary and Glenn enough for the excellent care and love they provide him. He couldn’t have found a better retirement.”